Nature Électrique

Wood, electric paint, touch board, speakers

Montpellier, France
Festival des Architectures Vives (FAV)

In collaboration with 1week1project

Our electronic devices produce and accumulate a certain amount of data every day which we do not always manage to control. Where do all this information go? How to deal with it? Nature Electrique seeks to reveal the invisible flow – Big Data – through a touch and sound installation that allows to experience the circulation and disorientation of the electronic media understood as a new type of sensitive nature. 

Nature Electrique is an interactive labyrinth where the visitor is invited to circulate and get lost through a topography built of wood and electric paint. Producing sound and visual stimulation, the material reacts to touch by transforming the wood into a real “sensitive surface”. Interactions act as landmarks or obstacles that the visitor must overcome to find his way.